About Us

    Upon conception in May 1990, KINK CAKES opened its doors with an ideal vision of revolutionizing the cake industry. It was intended to become a venue where clients can customize their own cakes on the basis of what they want... or their imagination. And now, even more.With a meagre staff of 6 at the onset, the vision started to unfold before our very eyes when we had orders beyond our capacity to produce. We dreamt of establishing KINK CAKES as a household name. Not out of obscenity but out of sense of humor. We want people to like our cakes because they are original, funny imaginative. Our designs are limitless and the possibilities endless. But self-censorship is a MUST. We want our cakes to come out with a reasonable sense of humor & intensity.For now, the rest is history. From a partnership it turned into a Corporation in 1997. And now, with Six (6) Branches situated in key cities of the metropolis, KINK CAKES wants to conceptualize more. Our attempt to revolutionize is for REAL.

     With KINK CAKES for the adult & not so-adult market, we have JFK for the kids where the children’s imagination becomes our target. The concept is basically the same, but JFK is wholesome. We want the JFK to become the by-word of imaginative kids. Through our shops, children can commission their cakes out of animated cartoon characters, superheroes, castles & dreams. JFK also specializes in edible & non-edible photocakes. With the artistically creative concept of our bakeshop, cakes are transformed into fun, imaginative & humorously exciting delicious work of art.

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